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The Patriarchy Trap

July 12, 2022 The Magical Cartographers Season 1 Episode 8
All The Things with The Magical Cartographers
The Patriarchy Trap
Show Notes

“... until the most recent past, [those] historians have been men and what they have recorded is what men have done and experienced and found significant. They have called this history and claimed it universally. What women have done and experienced has been left unrecorded, neglected, and ignored in interpretation.” 
- Gerda Lerner, The Creation of Patriarchy 

In this 8th episode, the MC’s explore their definitions of “History” and the place women may or may not hold in it.

“Things” to Think About From This Episode: 

  • As recently as 2015, twenty (20) countries reported an illiteracy rate for women of 50% or more. How could a woman appeal the narrative if she/they doesn’t even get to participate in it? 
  • We have all been ingrained in this system. We all are living it. We are perpetuating it. If we do not examine what has happened before and understand our contributions today, then we're inclined to continue that same cycle.
  •  Intergenerational trauma.  The ingrained doctrine that the men dictate how women behave, which is then reinforced by the mothers. This is how they survived. 
  • Now is the time where women are at a pivotal point in their history to start taking some of this power back. They can push past The [Patriarchal] Gatekeepers by sharing their stories.  
  • How do you keep going, when you're tired? How do we keep holding each other and going forward?

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