All The Things with The Magical Cartographers

Brainstorming the Patriarchy

June 14, 2022 The Magical Cartographers Season 1 Episode 7
All The Things with The Magical Cartographers
Brainstorming the Patriarchy
Show Notes

In this 7th episode, the MC’s brainstorm how we can break up the giant conversation of understanding the patriarchy. We settle into a few overarching topics that make sense to us and we absolutely want you, the listener, to think about these and additional topics to add into the mix. 

The first topics we’ve come up with will be:

  • Attempting to define what the patriarchy is and how it’s the foundation every other system is built upon
  • Trying to understand who we are individually, within a system that was not built for us
  • Learning to chart a course through the B.S. towards becoming what we are trying to create, and
  • The constant battle for autonomy and personal agency. 

“Things” to Think About From This Episode: 

  • Our working definition of the “Patriarchy” 
    • A system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it. 
  • When the system wasn’t built for you, how do you know which pieces of yourself are important to you vs important to other people’s standards?
  • What happens when you work so hard to belong, that you lose who you are?
  • Did you ever think about the “Suffering” of the Suffrage movement?
  • When do we get to stop fighting and creating something new and just rest?
  • “You will not be saved! No one is coming to save you. You must step up!”
  • You have to find your Why if you hope to transcend the confines of the patriarchy.

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