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Shifting Into Joy: Silly Episode #!

May 10, 2022 The Magical Cartographers Season 1 Episode 6
All The Things with The Magical Cartographers
Shifting Into Joy: Silly Episode #!
Show Notes

The key to moving beyond the hard sh*t is giving yourself permission to laugh. As we emerge from our 2-year chrysalis of isolation and anxiety, we’re ready to wrap our wings around joy, occasional silliness and people… IRL!

In this laughter-filled 6th episode, the MC’s explore ways joy and appreciation create massive energy shifts within ourselves and our communities. When we choose to embrace The Good, we reframe the limiting labels we’ve placed on ourselves and create more spaciousness for fun, laughter, contemplation and connectivity. 

“Things” to Think About From This Episode: 

  • How have you been able to shift into a joyful place when moving through difficult transitions?  
  • The antidote to the stress is listening to our own bodies and seeing what has been gifted to us. 
  • Invite the serotonin in. What are your practices for embracing the serotonin? 

            Some MC suggestions: 

  1. Puppies 
  2. Talking animals 
  3. Reality tv-shows 
  4. Rainbow sparkling magic chimes
  5. Cockfighting explanations!
  • When you shed or reframe labels and limiting messages, you clear the path to show up authentically, congruently, and in aligned service, i.e your Soulscape. 
  • Do you know who Rico Suave is? 

Special Shout Out to Ann Gonzales at Savvy Pioneer for getting Mel back on Track!

For Full Transcripts, Click Here: ATT- Episode 6 Transcripts

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